When selecting a real estate agent, other people’s experiences do matter.  To contact any of these clients, please call me.

–  The most professional, knowledgeable, generous person period! Totally on top of everything and thinking one step ahead. She is not all about Kathy. She is all about being the best and doing the best for you.    Carol, 2014

–  We rate you as #1.  What more can we say?  Pat and Al, 2014

–  Kathy is the next level of real estate professionals. I have never worked with an agent that was truly on our side and had more integrity than I can begin to explain. I have found that the real estate industry has many people that are subpar and working with Kathy has been a huge breath of fresh air. I will always recommend Kathy and use her for future purchases and you should too.  Anthony, 2013

–  Kathy was an invaluable asset to have on my home purchasing team and she would make an outstanding addition to your team. Her diligence, attention to detail, professionalism and knowledge of the real estate markets is second to none. She managed all of the relationships between the lenders, inspectors, city fathers and title people with the ease and determination of someone who has been performing these duties for decades.

–  Since I started looking for a house nearly 5 years ago, I’d been through the ringer with real estate agent after agent and lender after lender. I was extremely frustrated with the process and had decided that renting would be my only option in the Phoenix market. A friend of mine HIGHLY recommended Kathy and I reluctantly returned to the house hunting process, ‘one last time.’ Thanks entirely to Kathy Ammon; I closed on my beautiful home just 5 weeks later. I owe a debt of gratitude to Kathy. I can’t thank her enough for being the person she is.  Dale, 2013

–  We were looking for a very particular home, but uncertain about which area to settle in. Kathy searched very hard to provide us with numerous options in various neighborhoods, all the while Kathy made sure to inform us about the neighborhoods. Kathy’s thoroughness and expertise lead to us settling in the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood!  Chadwick, 2013

–  Kathy Ammon is the most competent real estate professional I’ve ever met. She brings a level of sophistication and expertise to the table that is second to none. Her responses to emails or telephone calls are typically immediate. Her knowledge is quite impressive; she is intimately familiar with this particular market. I can’t say enough good things about her. I closed on my house in less than 5 weeks. This was directly the result of Kathy’s diligence and competency. I’ve never had a single negative interaction with Kathy. I highly, highly recommend her. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed. If you’ve found Kathy…you are very fortunate.  Dale , 2103
–  We were referred to Kathy by a friend.  As a first time  home buyers it was very important for us to find a real estate agent with the knowledge & experience to help us find & secure the home we wanted in an extremely competitive market.  Thankfully, Kathy was that and more for us.

When I think of words to describe Kathy – Honest, professional, smart & friendly immediately come to mind. The level of knowledge and expertise that she displayed throughout the home-buying process was truly fantastic. During this time, the local real estate market was going crazy, and I know for a fact that Kathy was extremely busy with other clients, but we always felt that we were her main priority. Her responsiveness was incredible and she always followed through with what she said she was going to do.

Kathy was able to help us find the home in Chandler that we wanted, the day it went on the market. We were 1 of 5 offers that were made on the home that very same day. As it turned out, the reason we got the home was because the seller, and his representatives, found Kathy to be by far the best communicator of all the other agents. So when I say that Kathy was the reason we were able to buy the home we wanted, I mean it literally.

When you combine all that Kathy brings to the table with the outstanding team of lenders & home inspectors she has partnered with, choosing her as your real estate agent will be one of the best decisions you can ever make.

As a first-time home buyer with little knowledge about the process, finding Kathy Ammon was truly a gift that I will always be thankful for.   Adam, 2013


–  It was a fabulous experience working with Kathy. She was knowledgeable and willing to work with us and our situation. She has a great sense of humor and keeps everything in perspective. We highly recommend her and will definitely use her again.  Carl and Sandy, 2013

–  Kathy Ammon has very creative marketing ideas and has already succeeded in implementing them. Kathy is honest in her presentation and professional opinion and she is willing to listen to her client’s requests with sincerity. We like Kathy as our realtor and hope other people will enjoy the good relationship, as well.  Eunice,  2013