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Your Lender in Phoenix Will Make or Break the Sale

The world has changed significantly since the real estate downturn. Before the downturn it was possible to obtain a loan with little or now documentation. What a difference a couple of years and massive new rules and regulations can make.  Now they want the kitchen sink –2 years of income (W-2’s, 1099’s, etc), cash (checking, savings, investments,etc),  debts (credit card, school loans, personal loans, car loans, etc), income tax returns and more are required. In addition, you must prove that you already have the downpayment money and that it is not borrowed. Wow!

Good Real Estate Agents Help You Get Qualified for A Loan First

The real estate market is moving fast. The worst experience you can have is competing against other buyers when you do not have a full and THOROUGH qualification. When I represent sellers and they receive multiple offers, I advise them accept the offer that is the strongest financially. All cash or  Full Qualification trump all other financing options. The old saying ‘be prepared’ says it all.

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